Religion 1300 up to 1350

Seal of the cistercian monastery Wanzka 1330 Seal of the cistercian monastery Wanzka 1330

region Mecklenburg

Accusations against Jews were not uncommon. A case of allegedly pierced sacramental breads was reported in Krakow in 1325 and in 1330 “the entire Jewish community in Güstrow had to move to the woodpile.” This also related to a pierced sacramental bread. Yet these events were barely known outside of the local area.

Marienkirche aus der Demminer Stadtansicht um 1610 St Mary's in Demmin

region Western Pomerania

Denunciations of Jews are not uncommon. Jew burnings occur repeatedly in response to rumours of defiled hosts. But news of these incidents rarely spread beyond the immediate vicinity.