Politics 1700 up to 1750

Department settings in the north west of Mecklenburg 1720 Department settings in the north west of Mecklenburg 1720

region Mecklenburg

When the Güstrow line of dukes died out in 1695, the third large partitioning of the state was established through the “Hamburg Agreement” in the battle for succession in 1701. The duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was created from Stargard and the principality of Ratzeburg. Mecklenburg-Schwerin received the Werle part around Güstrow.

Approximately 10 % of land in both of the Mecklenburgs belonged to the towns and state convents. The Dukes retained 40 % as state farms, which they gave to tenants of the properties to manage, and around 600 aristocratic owners of approx. 1,000 properties shared the remaining 40 %. There remained around 4,900 farms.

Adeliges Fräulein-Stift Barth 1733-41 Damsel's foundation
for noblewomen
Barth 1733-1741

region Western Pomerania

The Nordic War (1700-1721) plunges the entire region into chaos. It brings occupation and looting by Russian, Prussian and Saxon forces to Swedish Pomerania. Tsar Peter I razes Anklam and Wolgast to the ground in 1713. Denmark seizes Rügen. In 1720, Sweden sells the port cities of Stettin, Anklam and Demmin, and with them Usedom and Wollin, to Prussia for two million thalers. From then on they belong to the region of Prussian Pomerania. The war and domain chamber resides in Stettin as the central administrative agency from 1723 onward. The government is only responsible for the judiciary, Church and schools.

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