Politics 1650 up to 1700

Christian V. of Denmark infront of Wismar 1675 Christian V. of Denmark infront of Wismar 1675

region Mecklenburg

The duchy consisted of the historical sovereignties of Mecklenburg, Rostock, Werle / Wenden, Stargard, the county of Schwerin and the principalities of Schwerin and Ratzeburg, which were depicted in the coat of arms. Both dukes cited this ownership in the same way in their titles.

Schloss Spyker, Wohnsitz des schwedischen Generalgouverneurs Carl Gustav von Wrangel Spyker Castle, home of the
swedish governor-general
Carl Gustav von Wrangel

region Western Pomerania

The Pomeranian borders between Sweden and Brandenburg are settled in 1653 when the recess of Stettin is signed.

The landed gentry accept the Swedish government of Western Pomerania in 1663 and form their own regional council. King Charles XI. strengthens the body politic and the power of the Crown. Order is restored to the state coffers under his regency. A fortified stronghold, Stralsund becomes the most important military base. Prussia embarks on several military campaigns between 1655-1660 and 1674-1679 in an attempt to exploit this position to its advantage.

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