Politics 1450 up to 1500

Harbour on the Rostock Harbour on the Rostock "Dreikönigsaltar"

region Mecklenburg

1477 started with a fundamental change in politics in reunified Mecklenburg through Magnus II. He focused on ordering the finances, training public officers and streamlining the administration. Yet he did not achieve his goal of breaking the extensive autonomy of the seaside towns.

Reitersiegel Bogislaw X. (des Großen) Signet of Duke Bogislaw X. showing a rider

region Western Pomerania

Bogislaw X. takes control of Pomerania-Slupsk in 1474, acquiring Pomerania-Wolgast four years later. This restores union to the duchy for the first time in 200 years. Bogislaw X. shows considerable skill in arranging dynastic marriages that ease the tension with his neighbours. He modernises administration by establishing offices of state, introduces Roman law and record-keeping. He is given the moniker 'the Great'. But he is unable to break the influence of the larger cities.

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