Art and architecture 1750 up to 1800

Art cabinet Duke Christian Ludwigs 1798 Art cabinet Duke Christian Ludwigs 1798

region Mecklenburg

The actor Conrad Ekhof founded the first German acting academy in Schwerin.


Haus des Universitätsbaumeisters Johann Gottfried Quistorp Greifswald Mühlenstrasse 15 2012-07-20 House of Johann Gottfried Quistorp, University Master Builder

region Western Pomerania

The Swedish Governor General, Count Axel Löwen, donates his art collection to the City of Stralsund in 1761. It provides the initial collection owned by the 'Provincial Museum for New Western Pomerania and Rügen', which developed into today's Stralsund Museum.

David Gilly is appointed Stettin's chief construction commissioner in 1782; he oversees expansion of the port complex in Swinemünde and the wharves in Stettin and Kolberg. He develops standardised architecture for residential and commercial buildings.

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