Art and architecture 1700 up to 1750

Castle in Neustrelitz 1732 Castle in Neustrelitz 1732

region Mecklenburg

In Schwerin Duke Christian Ludwig II. (1683-1756) set up an art collection that largely still exists today. He drew significant artists to the court in Schwerin.

Heinrichsruh Wandmalerei Mural painting in Heinrichsruh mansion

region Western Pomerania

Sweden develops Stralsund and Stettin as principal fortifications. Redoubts outside the city gates change its perimeter. Garrison headquarters are built 1746 on the old marketplace in Stralsund. A prestigious main building for the University of Greifswald is constructed in the same period. The earl's palace in Putbus is enlarged. The king commissions the construction of a noble damsel's foundation 1733 in Barth, designed with a strict Baroque flourish.

The separation from Prussian Pomerania in 1720 strengthens the hand of the landed gentry. The von Bohlen family erects one of the most important Baroque palaces in 1732 in Karlsburg.

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