Art and architecture 1650 up to 1700

Partronage pews for the Family of Negendank, Belitz 1670 Partronage pews for the Family of Negendank, Belitz 1670

region Mecklenburg

The baroque style spread slowly in Mecklenburg. Early examples of rural representative architecture were the stately homes in Ludorf and Rossewitz, which were influenced by Denmark. Other constructions were kept simple with timber frame. People occasionally spoke of a “north German” Baroque.

granskevitz castle Granskevitz castle,
End of the 17th century

region Western Pomerania

The ducal palaces in Stettin and Wolgast remain residences under Swedish rule as well. In 1648, the King of Sweden rewards Carl Gustav Wrangel with the appointment as governor general of Swedish Pomerania in recognition of his services in the Thirty Years' War. He enlarges his residence between Greifswald and Wolgast in Baroque style, renaming it Wrangel Castle in 1653. Skyper Palace on the island of Rügen is also refurbished in Baroque style based on his plans. Wrangel dies here in 1676.

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