Way of life 1700 up to 1750

Chest from the area of Ribnitz Chest from the area of Ribnitz

region Mecklenburg

The excessive way of life of the baroque era repeatedly led to decrees against “gluttony, drunkenness, pride, lust and fighting”, yet the fact that they were constantly repeated shows that the decrees were not observed. Whereas duels were daily occurrences in the upper layers of society, menials or the lower classes in towns attracted attention to themselves through brawls.

Tonnenabschlagen auf dem Darß Hedwig Woermann: Knocking down the barrels in the Darss

region Western Pomerania

The Baroque lifestyle leads to increasing numbers of ordinances to combat 'gluttony, drunkenness, haughtiness, lust and affray', but their repeated imposition merely indicates that they were largely ignored. Fisticuffs are frequent in the lower classes, while the nobility prefers to hold duels. In 1736 the Swedish king orders 'reputable parsimony' in a decree stating that 'all opulence of attire and other affairs be inhibited and otherwise abolished.'

The plague rages in Stralsund in 1710 and 1711, killing hundreds.

German, Dutch and Polish colonists are recruited for the sparsely populated region after the foundation of the Prussian province of Pomerania in 1720.

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