Painting stool with utensils and the painting 'Flooded Meadow'

utensils: oil paints, pallet, brushes
width: 135 cm

painting : oil on hard fibre,
1978; width: 41 cm

Besides the artist's home and studio in their preserved condition, the museum also owns an important collection of works by Otto Niemeyer-Holstein, shown in the temporary exhibitions and the guided tours.

Niemeyer-Holstein created a sanctuary. Not just in his tenacious attitude as an artists, which forbade any concessions to receive state commissions, but also in his property, his 'Lüttenort', that gives him space for himself, his family and his friends.

Lüttenort was indeed a place of gatherings, of free and productive breeding of ideas with artists and patrons – an intellectual oasis in the DDR. Niemeyer-Holstein's extensive collection of paintings and sculptures is another testimony to his wide circle of friends, including: Otto Manigk, Herbert Wegehaupt and Karen Schacht, Gustav Seitz, Waldemar Grzimek, Wieland Förster and Werner Stötzer.

Lüttenort is a sanctuary for Niemeyer-Holstein in another sense as well. Over the years, the artist transforms the narrowest and most inhospitable location on the island of Usedom into arable land, creating a pot-pourri of unusual architecture, landscape gardening and art. The overall timbre of the property echoes the severity of the landscape, and paints a picture of Niemeyer-Holstein himself.


Text: F. K.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Museum Atelier Otto Niemeyer- Holstein

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